MAY-1-2015 - PAGE FOUR  


 34092 "Wells" leading 34007 "Wadebridge" await permission to enter Gotherington station as the signalman recovers the single line token. 24/05/2015

 7820 "Dinmore Manor" eases forward to collect the token as the signalman waits to deliver. 24/05/2015

 There was much whistling between the two engines and several false starts before the cylinders were cleared and the train eased forward. 24/05/2015

 I was a child in the 1950's again, on holiday in Devon - brilliant. 24/05/2015

 Land Rovers in various guises. 24/05/2015

 4270 approaching Gotherington from Toddington. 24/05/2015

 6960 "Raveningham Hall" at Gotherington. 24/05/2015

 View from the train heading South - Malvern Hills/Welsh Mountains? 24/05/2015

 End of the line. 24/05/2015

 "Dinmore Manor" alongside the new platform at Cheltenham Race Course waiting to take the train back to Toddington. 24/05/2015

 Waiting to enter Gotherington station as 2807 leaves with the goods train. 24/05/2015

 Rides on the goods train were available. 24/05/2015

 "Dinmore Manor" taking water at Toddington. 24/05/2015

 "Raveningham Hall" arriving at Toddington from Laverton. 24/05/2015