On test at Crewe, 387207 and 387208. 21/12/2015

 57307 "LADY PENELOPE", name extant. 21/12/2015

 Purpose of the visit was to see 46100 "ROYAL SCOT" running up to Carnforth. It was in steam on the depot which is always a good sign but there was some conjecture as to which way it would run, The Realtime Trains listing showed "IL" which I took to mean "Independent Lines" (Muck Hole) and, indeed, that's the way it ran. 21/12/2015

 I went round to the site of the old Crewe North shed which is where the lines disappear underneath, just in time to see 70010 emerge from the depths. 21/12/2015

 Where once a concrete foot-bridge stood!   It basically replaced the original bridge that spanned all the platforms in the days of steam and from where miscreants(cough, cough) would take a flyer down the ramp and into the loco shed. The idea was then to catch as many numbers as possible before being ejected.  Apparently(!) it would be full of Pacifics, Jubilees and Scots, you name it and they would be there - oh happy days. 21/12/2015

 GBRf 66741 "SWANAGE RAILWAY" passed through off the Manchester line. 21/12/2015

 67028 came of the ETD and ran through the station. 21/12/2015.

 At last the Scot appeared, thankfully without a diesel. The last time I saw this engine was in March 2009 when it was under overhaul at Crewe Heritage Centre - PICTURES HERE.  21/12/2015

 46100 "ROYAL SCOT", thankfully in lined green. 21/12/2015