MAY 2014 - PAGE ONE  


 Crewe station and stormy weather in the offing as 60007 "The Spirit of Tom Kendell" in DB livery waits to be released with a train of what appeared to be similarly liveried hoppers. 09/05/2014

66433 stopped in platform 11 for a change of crew before leaving to head North.  09/05/2014

175104 was on a South Wales - Manchester service.  09/05/2014

 As the two class 5's drew forward to vacate platform 12 350258 completed the line-up. 09/05/2014

Postal unit 325013 appeared from the IEMD. 09/05/2014

 44871 and 45407 "The Lancashire Fusilier" drew forward to allow THE CATHEDRALS EXPLORER to access platform 12. The train had started from Euston and was setting out on a nine day tour of Scotland returning via the East Coast line ending at Victoria. The first leg was under the control of 46233. Haulage on the final day from Durham to London is scheduled for A4 Pacific 60009 "Union of South Africa". 09/05/2014

 The rest of the tour is down to the two class 5's - some feat - some mileage. 09/05/2014

 The Stanier marvels drew forward to park alongside the West Coast main line thus allowing the Coronation Pacific to relinquish its hold on the train. There was steam aplenty. 09/05/2014

 Just then! the X-MEN flew past heading North in the shape of 390155. 09/05/2014

 At last the Duchess made an appearance. 09/05/2014

 I wax lyrical every time but don't you just love them? 09/05/2014

 46233 parked up on the Chester line while.....

 .....the 5's reversed onto the train. 09/05/2014

 The Duchess then reversed through platform 11 to turn on the triangle South of the station. There was still an hour to go before the train departed and it was raining so I left. 09/05/2014

 Meanwhile in bay platform 8, 47832 "Solway Princess" was looking extremely smart in its "Northern Belle" livery. 09/05/2014

 As ever, just as I was moving to shoot 47863 "Rail Express", they both moved off. 09/05/2014

 Bays 7 and 8 were undergoing roof renovation. 09/05/2014