Llangollen Railway gala day and 7812 "Erlestoke Manor" stands waiting to leave Llangollen station ....

 ....behind 7822 "Foxcote Manor" in a recreation of a Cambrian Coast Express.

 The train was running right through past Carog and onto the recently installed extension. This extra section of track is scheduled to run another 2.5 miles through to Corwen but currently stops at Bonwm, seen here.

 The train returned to Carog where the two Manors ran round and coupled on for the return trip to Llangollen. On the way out the train had been joined by 2884 class number 3802 which was hooked onto the rear of the train to bring it back from Bonwm - there is no run-round facility. The 2-8-0 then took half the train from Carog back to Llangollen.


 When we left Llangollen, standard tank number 80072 was stood in a siding with two suburban coaches, this was now about to enter Carog station.

 Having disembarked at Glyndyfrdwy I was able to watch 44806 leave for Carog.

 Exhaust from the two Manors can be seen in the distance.


 GWR pagoda roofed waiting room at Glyndyfrdwy.

 The standard tank followed into Glyndyfrdwy station.

 Arrival at Llangollen.

 View from The Corn Mill.

 Carog station as seen from the train.

 44806 is in charge.

 Foxcote Manor was waiting to attach to the train for the run to Bonwm.

 The view of the Manor buffering up to the train as seen from the Autocoach.

 The interior of the Thompson buffet car number E1706 - ex-Elizabethan. I don't normally enthuse about rolling stock but I found the interior of this vehicle to be amazing.

 The seating section.

 The end of the day and 7822 was heading for the water tower. A brilliant day out and much credit to the Llangollen Railway and its staff.