150735 passes through the site of Calveley station en route for Crewe as the Crewe-Chester shuttle. Presumably the various items of track debris belong to Network Rail. 05/10/2013

Jubilee class 4-6-0 number 45699 "Galatea" in full cry heading for Chester and Shrewsbury with "The Welsh Borders Steam Special" courtesy of The West Coast Railway Company. 05/10/2013

The last time I saw this locomotive was in the early 1970's in Barry Scrap Yard by kind permission of Mr.Woodham. The engine had, by then, had its driving wheels cut through after derailing during shunting operations. I really never thought I would see it again after it was recovered from the scrap yard for spares. Grateful thanks to WCRC for their undertaking the rebuilding. 05/10/2013

Gobowan station looking South towards Shrewsbury. 05/10/2013

Looking North towards Chester. 05/10/2013

It's sad to think that in a few days time this box will be redundant. 05/10/2013

Even the semaphore looks sad. 05/10/2013

Sad or not it announced the arrival of "Galatea" and the three cylinder throbbing could be heard way into the distance and long before it finally thrashed through the station. 05/10/2013

Oh joy from the days of steam (better in green though......and now off to Nantwich to catch it again). 05/10/2013

Nantwich station and more soon-to-be-redundant semaphores and a box. The Jubilee had arrived and it was still thrashing. 05/10/2013

When I first saw this shot I thought the engine had a smoke-box problem but the "glow" is a reflection from an orange light on the platform. 05/10/2013

The train leaned into the curve on the way to Crewe. 05/10/2013

Nantwich box - where will they hang the ugly sign when the box has gone? 05/10/2013