Crewe station and platform end trespassers have been thwarted. 23/12/2013

 70011 had run round its train of ballast and was returning. 23/12/2013

 44871 led 45407 "The Lancashire Fusilier" into platform 12 to take on water. The two class 5's were returning to Bury after various sojourns in the South of England. 23/12/2013

 It was a dark, wet, miserable day but probably the last chance to see main line steam in the area before 2014 entered our lives so this pair had to be seen. 23/12/2013

 70011 was still waiting to leave and I have to say, for its age, it looks pretty rough. 23/12/2013

 Taking on water. 23/12/2013

 150227 arrived as the Chester shuttle service with the gloom intensifying. 23/12/2013

 More ugly security fencing. It's sad but necessary I guess. 23/12/2013

 Onset of the night. 23/12/2013

 Chester bound? 23/12/2013

 LED's abound. 23/12/2013

 Despite all the media warnings the Pendolino services were not running at reduced speed and, from what I could see, were pretty well empty. 390006 "Tate Liverpool" had stopped in platform 6. 23/12/2013

 Signs of movement on 12. 23/12/2013

 The classic Crewe departure shot. 23/12/2013