48151 passing Nantwich en route for Shrewsbury. 20/05/2011

 A visit to Gobowen in Shropshire to see "The Cathedrals Explorer" hauled by two class 5's. 12/05/2011

 I have never visited Gobowen station before but what a pleasant structure it is. Built by The Shrewsbury and Chester Railway in 1846, it was originally a junction with a line serving Oswestry but the service was discontinued in 1966. The line is still intact and it is hoped that the connection can be remade by Cambrian Heritage Railways. 12/05/2011

 158825 called on its way to Holyhead. The connection to Oswestry leaves the main line in the distance, to the right and will, if restored, enter the rear of the platform occupied by 825.12/05/2011

 Looking South towards Shrewsbury. 12/05/2011

  Looking North towards Chester. 12/05/2011

 175004 entering the station en route for Shrewsbury, 12/05/2011

 I assume that this was part of the railway infrastructure but what? It is currently a pharmacy. 12/05/2011

 By the time the train appeared in the distance it was already some 15 minutes down and was crawling from signal to signal. It was almost at a stop when the arm finally fell which allowed the driver to open up again. The colour aspect at the top of the bank outside of the station was still showing red so speed was somewhat controlled. 12/05/2011

 Mr Riley's engines, 45407 leading 44871. 12/05/2011

 Both crews appear to be anxiously looking ahead for the signal to clear. 12/05/2011

 The rise out of the station can be seen as the train passes through with the red still showing in the distance. There were plenty of fans on the platform to witness the passing. 12/05/2011