Alsager Station and 153357 enters en route for Derby. 09/04/2011

 In the opposite direction 350121 heads for Crewe. 06/04/2011

 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" in all its glory as it heads for Crewe en route for Chester. The train was The East Midlander running from Tyseley to Chester and operated by Vintage Trains Limited. 06/04/2011

 The Stanier trailing bogie. 06/04/2011

 Crewe and 61994 "The Great Marquess" leaves the LNWR(H) workshops after repairs. 06/04/2011

 The inevitable drain cocks are kept open as the engine leaves for Thornton TC. 06/04/2011

 56067 leaving Crewe diesel depot on its way to Stockton for scrapping. 06/04/2011

 On the way home by train we passed a double headed freight leaving Crewe and heading towards Manchester with 66583 leading 66517. 06/04/2011

 There was time to leave the train at Sandbach and wait for the freight to trundle its way down. Note the state of the up line on the left of the shot - this stretch of track is continuously affected by subsidence resulting from brine pumping. 06/04/2011

 The train ran straight through without being held. 06/04/2011