Class 323 sets are the mainstay of the Crewe-Manchester local services. 20/05/2010

 66571 was passing through Sandbach in the Manchester direction. 20/05/2010

 At Crewe 40145 was parked in the old depot yard. 20/05/2010

 A Pendolino curving round off the Manchester line. 20/05/2010

 After arriving early, 5972 was held outside the station waiting for a clear pathway into the station. 20/05/2010

 For reasons unknown, the train was directed into the through road by platform 12 instead of entering the platform, where watering was to take place. 20/05/2010

 After a short wait the train moved forward to run out of the station, stop and then reverse into platform 12. 20/05/2010

 Out came the hose. 20/05/2010

 After some time and without much fuss, 5972 pulled out of platform 12 to head for Southall. 20/05/2010

 "Penny" leaving platform 1 en route for Manchester. 20/05/2010

 It's unusual to see class 66's at the head of passenger stock even if it is empty. 66201 was held in the centre road while heading North with stock carrying window stickers announcing that it was "On hire to First Transforming Travel". 20/05/2010

 10 years since the farewell specials ran to mark the end of Class 37 haulage on the FNW network - larger images HERE