While stood on the foot bridge at Ramsbottom waiting for the train from Rawtenstall, I was able to see the Jinty 47324 plodding around in the distance. It was in charge of two blue/grey coaches and occasionally appeared at Bury but I don't know what it was actually doing on the day.

 30777 appeared with "The Duke" attached to the rear. There was a comprehensive track gang in evidence.

 The driver held out the single-line working tablet.....

 .....and handed it to the signalman as the engine passed.

 "The Duke" complete with its customary "Phoenix" headboard.

 Seeing the tender from the rear exposes the sheer bulk of this locomotive. One of my memories as a youngster was to watch this engine race through Hartford (Cheshire) hauling "The Mid-Day Scot" on its way North - wonderful times.

 "Sir Lamiel" at Heywood.

 Running round its train.

 While waiting at Bury for the return train to Rawtenstall I was intrigued to see Class 5 number 44871 being reversed onto 70013 for a trip up to Heywood. I find it interesting to listen to double-headers as they take off and hear the two exhausts synchronise and then separate again only to repeat etc..

 While we stopped at the Ramsbottom passing loop, 71000 entered the station heading for Bury.

 Back at Rawtenstall 30777 was performing its run-round.

 Upon leaving the station I was aware that the bridge parapets that once carried the line onward to Bacup were still in place by the river. The line must have continued across what is now a Tesco car park.

 A closer view of one side. It was a good day out despite the cold and everything seemed to go according to plan so congratulations to the ELR staff and volunteers.