Shots of the final testing of 6100 "Royal Scot" before the locomotive left for The West Somerset Railway are now available HERE.

It was loco morning at Crewe today, in the space of 90 minutes there were no fewer than 12 locomotives on view. Unfortunately I was stood in the wrong location relative to the Sun but everything was happening too quickly to allow me to move. 31/03/2009

First in was West Coast Railway's 47245 with coach S5236 in tow. 31/03/2009

 Next was a complete surprise in the form of old friend 37401, now without its "Mary Queen of Scots" name. The engine had been out on a charter over the weekend and was now sounding extremely rough. It later headed South with a distinct cough! 31/03/2009

40145 "East Lancashire Railway" had been parked up for some days on the diesel depot yard. 31/03/2009

Just visible around some coaching stock was 47848 "Titan Star". 31/03/2009

Two Freightliner class 86's entered bay platform 7 comprising 86604 and 86628. 31/03/2009

Another welcome surprise was the arrival of two of the four Network Rail converted class 37's off the Shrewsbury line. This is 97302 (formerly 37170). 31/03/2009

97301 (formerly 37100). 31/03/2009

Later they both headed back onto the Shrewsbury line in a smoky haze. 31/03/2009

The 37's were later followed by 150264 despite its destination being displayed as Crewe. 31/03/2009

Stranger in the camp was 90004 in National Express livery. 31/03/2009

004 sailed straight through the station and on to the Chester line for the IEMD. 31/03/2009

Parked in bay platform 6 was 57309 "Brains". 31/03/2009

90046, which had been parked alongside the ARRIVA carriage sheds, came to life and towed 90045 into bay platform 7. 31/03/2009

There the 90 minute locofest ended for me - quite a morning. 31/03/2009