Chester and my first opportunity to see Royal Scot class, number 46115, "Scots Guardsman". While waiting for the arrival, 142049 left for Manchester Piccadilly in its coat of many colours. 6/09/2008

57301 "Scott Tracy" entered the station with 390005 "City of Wolverhampton" in tow, en route for Holyhead. 6/09/2008

Next was 67027 with the "Northern Belle" set. This train was terminating at Chester. 6/09/2008

On the rear was 67003. 6/09/2008

One of the many "ghosts" in the form of 175110. 6/09/2008

At last 46115 trundled round the curve to enter the station, what a sight. 6/09/2008

This is how the same engine looked in 2002 when it was stored at the LNWR Heritage workshops in Crewe. This engine was, for years years, a Longsight allocation and I saw it many times as a schoolboy as it worked into Manchester, London Road (now Piccadilly). The practice then was to leave the locomotive attached to its train as the station pilot took the stock to the Longsight depot for servicing and to see these express engines being dragged backwards out of the station was quite intriguing. Sometime the engine would unhook and follow the stock to the end of the platform where it would wait before leaving for the depot as light engine. One of my enduring memories was seeing 46115 passing through Hale Station which was close to where I lived at the time. Trains were being diverted at weekends while the Manchester-Crewe line was electrified and this entailed using the Middlewich branch from Sandbach through to Northwich and then along the CLC lines - what attention that would have brought in today's digital age! Other memorable locomotives of the time were members of the Britannia class, notably "Byron", "Tennyson" and "Charles Dickens" - all Longsight engines. The two others were "Earl Haigh" and "Lord Kitchener" but, for a long time, they ran without names or windshields because they were fitted with air pumps near the smokebox (super photo HERE). Something to do with trials on air braked freight trains I understand. I believe these two did eventually get their windshields and nameplates fitted but I don't know when. Happy days...

175105 was dragged in to the depot by another Hippo and it looked extremely ex- works - maybe this is the latest addition to the new livery fleet but somehow the blue looked to be a different shade. 6/09/2008

It really was something to wonder at and I for one would say a grateful thank you to Mr.Smith for providing us with such a brilliant restoration job. Roll on "Galatea"! 6/09/2008

The crowd clearly agreed. 6/09/2008

Under way to run onto the triangle, complete with stock, in order to turn for the return journey. The people photographing on the platform slope were there under the control of the station security staff and I have to say a word of thanks to all the station staff who were very accommodating, very efficient and very polite. 6/09/2008

It could have been yesteryear. 6/09/2008

One the centre road were some strange looking clamps! 6/09/2008