A hurried shot of 66184 as it heads North using the avoiding lines. 12/11/2008

 57304 "GORDON TRACY" had just backed onto its train. 12/11/2008

 The complex task of coupling up. 12/11/2008

 304 leaving with 390038 "City of London" en route for Holyhead. 12/11/2008

 Network Rail's "New Measurement Train" HST headed South through the station to park up at the side of the down slow line. 12/11/2008

 It made an impressive sight as it gleamed in the Winter Sun. Power car 43062 "John Armitt" was trailing but I missed the identity of the leading car. 12/11/2008

 86607 left the LNWR sheds to head for Basford Hall sidings via platform 8. 12/11/2008

 A surprise visitor to platform 8 was Fastline's 66305. 12/11/2008

 Was it at Crewe to collect 66302 recently delivered to the UK? 12/11/2008

 The bleaching Sun made life difficult. 12/11/2008

 221103 "Christopher Columbus" departed for London Euston with the 09.50 from Holyhead. The unit was bereft of ident numbers as was at least one other unit seen earlier in the day. 103 carried the blue marker on the coupling which indicates that it has been modified - are the modified units to become a sub-class? 12/11/2008

 Just a shot of 390041 "City of Chester" heading North. 12/11/2008

 67013 "Dyfrbont Pontcysylite", in Wrexham & Shropshire livery, came off the Chester line and ran into bay platform 10. 4/11/2008

 It later ran off up the West Coast Main Line. 4/11/2008

 Not much happening at Crewe so 390038 "City of London" was in the frame. 4/11/2008

 57315 "The Mole" arrived with Arriva liveried stock. This was a route learning run in preparation for the loco hauled, Holyhead-Cardiff service. Stock was 9503-6137-6119-5853 4/11/2008

 Loco+stock headed for the LNWR carriage sheds. 4/11/2008

 325014 trundled through the down centre road. 4/11/2008

 Having waited for the Holyhead RHTT to return I eventually gave up and headed home just as it appeared off the Chester line with 37609 at the head. A hurried dash across the footbridge and a very snatched shot which resulted in much blurring. It was a very dark, overcast day which exposed the shortcomings of my aging EOS 300D with kit lens. New camera in the offing! 4/11/2008