February 2008 - PAGE THREE

 S160, 5197 double heading with LNWR "Super D" 49395 as they leave Cheddleton on The Churnet Valley Railway. Class 4F, 44422 is passing Elton Crossing (Sandbach) Signal Box. 24/02/2008

 4771 "Green Arrow" resting in Cheddleton yard on The Churnet Valley Railway.
The coming weekend sees The Winter Steam Event on the railway .

 D1015 "Western Champion" entering Crewe's platform 12 with the Pathfinder's "Irish Mail" charter from Ealing Broadway to Holyhead. the diesel hydraulic looked magnificent in the Spring sunshine - shame there was no headboard on the front. 16/02/2008

Pausing ready for the off. 16/02/2008

Although only stopping at Crewe for a few minutes, the engine was switched off. Restarting was easy with little noise or smoke. 16/02/2008

Being more used to 37's and 47's the sound of the Maybach's seemed odd as the "Western" moved the 11 coaches towards North Wales with seemingly little effort. 16/02/2008

You don't see one for weeks and then three turn up. DRS's 37059, 37611 and 37218 wait for a green in the platform 12 avoiding line. 16/02/2008

There is something about the 37's.....

66161 brought a diverted steel train off the Chester line, the Wrexham route being closed. 16/02/2008

A string of 66's came down the WCML as a class 323 curved round from Manchester, 16/02/2008

66211, 66189 and 66120. 16/02/2008