March 2007 - PAGE ONE

Crewe station's bay platform 7 and 57311 "Parker" leaves to position itself at the head of platform 11 in preparation for receiving a Holyhead bound Pendolino. 7/3/2007

Work to overhaul platform 12 continues with some of the South end roof already gone. A new cover over the footbridge/stairs can now be seen. 7/3/2007

An inspection bubble car ran through platform 11 and left on the Chester line. 7/3/2007

I saw a class 37 waiting North of the station and it eventually ran through on the up fast with 37605 at the head.........

....on the back end was 37608. The train was a Serco test train which crossed over to park up just South of the station. 7/3/2007

57309 "Brains" headed North, light engine. 7/3/2007

Pendolino 390039 "Virgin Quest" entered platform 11 from Euston. the train was to meet up with 57311 in preparation for the drag to Holyhead. 7/3/2007

A while later, and after some messing with the coupling, the Pendolino left for North Wales. 7/3/2007

66624, almost fresh off the boat, left on the Manchester line with two flats in tow. 7/3/2007

One Serco train + two class 37's is good enough but two sets in one day - well..... 37607 was at the head as it entered the North Wales line. 7/3/2007

Tacked on the back end was 37611 - what a morning for 37's. 7/3/2007