December 2007 - PAGE ONE

 The morning drag and 57315 "The Mole" is being attached to Pendolino 390005 "City of Wolverhampton" for the run to Holyhead. 19/12/2007

There was a delay while 175007 arrived from Chester, how much longer will this livery survive on this route? 19/12/2007

The train eventually left at about 11.30, well down on its scheduled departure. 19/12/2007

Shortly after the departure of the Pendolino, out of the misty sunshine came 67012 on what I assume to be a Northern Belle working. 19/12/2007

Tacked on the rear end was 67006 "Royal Sovereign" in its distinctive livery. 19/12/2007

 The train was stopped long enough for me to get to the North end of the station to see it depart on the North Wales line - its destination I know not, despite having been told! 19/12/2007

 "Royal Sovereign". 19/12/2007

The whole ensemble twisted its way through the steelwork. 19/12/2007