May 2006 - PAGE TWO

 The weather and the Cup Final prevented me from going out to see the Duchess perform on the coast yet again - not that it can come too often for me. I made do from the cliff top at Penmaenhead from where the dramatic steam display could be seen for miles around. 47826 is on the rear as the train passes by Llanddulas and heads for the A55 underpass. 13/5/2006

 Despite the sea mist and overwhelming gloom, the path of the train could easily be followed as it ran round the coast and out through Abergele/Pensarn towards Rhyl. Here it starts to round the curve having just passed under the A55. The pier to the left is the currently disused loading stage from the nearby quarry. Nearer the camera and out of shot is another staging which is in constant use as boats come in on the low tide to fill up with crushed stone. 13/5/2006

 45407 has come alive and stands with its support coach in platform 12 at Crewe awaiting the arrival of Pathfinder's "Heart of Wales Explorer" Preston - Newport, South Wales, charter. 6/5/2006

It's an early Spring morning at Crewe and the Sun is impossible as it streams down through the roof. Despite the contrasts the engine looks good. 6/5/2006

Ready for the off to allow the diesel hauled charter gain access to platform 12. No sign of 76079! 6/5/2006

A quick dash to the North end of platform 6 where the Sun is, for once, in right place even if it is too bright. 47812/D1916 (formerly Pride of Eastleigh) was held on the up fast while a northbound Voyager exited the station. The train was released to enter the station just as the clock clicked on to 09.01, exactly the scheduled time of arrival - fantastic. 6/5/2006

 The multicoloured cavalcade entered platform 12 with XP64 liveried 47853 "RAIL Express" tacked on the rear. Would it remain attached to provide insurance for the Class 5? 6/5/2006

 A quick dash out to the wilds of Cheshire and a field somewhere near Nantwich in time to see 45407 take the train single handedly on its way South. No diesel on the back and where was 76079? It was a truly magnificent site and I was stood there amongst the cows wondering why I wasn't on the train! 6/5/2006

A couple of minutes later, as I was on my way home, a dogbox appeared in the distance so a hurried shot and no ident. This flanged bus was also on its way to South Wales, what a comparison. 6/5/2006