Another visit to Crewe LNWR Heritage works, this time to see 44422 off on its way to Minehead and The West Somerset Railway to take part in the Somerset & Dorset events being held in March. 44422 is the only surviving example of a left hand drive LMS 4F. The engine used to carry tablet catching equipment on its cab side during its work on the S&D. The engine was on its way South from The East Lancashire Railway and had stopped off at Crewe for attention to its connecting rods. 44422 will return to Bury for the rest of the 2006 season. 28/02/2006

57313 "Tracy Island" was parked in the headshunt waiting to re-enter the station and take a Pendolino out to Holyhead. Behind the fence on the left is where the avoiding lines join the northbound West Coast Main Line after having passed under the station. 28/6/2006

A Pendolino shot past heading South. 28/2/2006

Then 66207 with a southbound coal train. 28/2/2006

57313 later appeared as it started its journey to Holyhead with 390006 "Virgin Sun" in tow. 28/2/2006

Impressive I feel.... 28/2/2006

86501 came off the IEMD and ran through the station. 28/2/2006

As did 90020 "Colingwood". 28/2/2006

Now here's a sight you won't often see! 68030 pilots 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" into Crewe - just kidding. The tank is in LNWR Heritage awaiting several repairs. 28/2/2006

5224 was also receiving attention. 28/2/2008

Finally, 44422 was on its way to the seaside, its tender had already been taken down the previous week. Thanks, as ever, to the staff at LNWR Heritage at Crewe and remember folks, the works is not open to the public.