The construction works on the North end of platform 12 continue and the first sections of the new canopy have now been erected (see inset). The shape indicates that there are no plans to re-open the defunct bay. 8/04/2006

In the working bay was super shuttle 211132 "William Speirs Bruce", no, not the Chester shuttle but the Crewe-Holyhead shuttle. 8/04/2006

The (black and) Blue Pullman was expected to go into platform 12 but took the crossover and entered platform 6. I was in luck for once because I had gone to the end of platform 9 and was able to catch it as it crossed over the diamond. This is 47832 "Driver Tom Clarke O.B.E." in fmrail livery. This engine is no stranger to the coast but in different guise - see HERE 8/04/2006

Dead on the rear was 47712 "Artemis". 8/04/2006

A parting set of shots from the bridge and stitched together- see a larger version HERE. 8/04/2006

Alsager station and 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" rattles through hauling a Leicester - Blackpool charter. The train would stop at Crewe for watering. The problem with photographing westbound stock at Alsager is that the Sun is directly in line with the camera - not good. 8/04/2006

Tacked on the end was 47826 "Springburn". This will be used to release the stock, there being no runround facility at Blackpool. 8/04/2006

The crowd watches in awe! 08/04/2006

 The East Lancashire Railway held a steam gala over the weekend of 1st and 2nd April. I went up to see how 44422 was faring after its sojourn in Somerset - see some of the details in our picture report.