The time has finally arrived and the Great Gathering at Crewe Works is now open.
HERE for early shots of what is appearing, no captions yet and many more images to come!

Jubilee class number 5690 "Leander" visited Holyhead, the first time I have seen this locomotive for a long time. Is there a better backdrop anywhere? 3/9/2005

I had gone to photograph it passing through Colwyn Bay station but it was running about 10 minutes early so all I saw was a plume of smoke as it rocketed through. It looked fabulous in the bright sunshine as it rested and watered at Llandudno Junction. 3/9/2005

There was the usual crowd of admirers on the platforms. It was great to see a Jubilee again, I only wish it was in BR green but what the heck, at least it's running. 3/9/2005

There aren't too many shots you can take from the road bridge at the junction. 3/9/2005

The train was late in departing for Holyhead, being held for the Virgin, London-Holyhead service. It was good that the driver brought 57303 right alongside the Jubilee. 3/9/2005

Contrasts. 3/9/2005

Fortunately the diesel didn't wait too long before it was away. 3/9/2005

A colourful scene in the bright sunshine. 3/9/2005

Following close behind came Leander - no comments necessary!. 3/9/2005

I went to see it on its return and decided to try from the beach at Old Colwyn, the tide being well out. Shooting on the embankment is always difficult because it means pointing the lens directly into the sun so a bit of trickery becomes necessary. It was a misty evening as well (Season of mists etc...) which added to the effect. 3/9/2005

If it weren't for the cars...... 3/9/2005

Trainspotting!. 3/9/2005

Crossing Old Colwyn viaduct. 3/9/2005

Away into the distance and under Penmaenhead with the forlorn hotel, currently for sale, on the cliff top. 3/9/2005