The dark environs of the overbridge at platform 12, long the curse of railway photographers.
Today it hid the form of Super Voyager 221135. No doubts as to its destination.

 Waiting to leave with a train of ballast hoppers was 66502. 12/5/2005

 The disused bays at the South end of Crewe station have been tidied up and are about to be fenced off from platform 12. 12/5/2005

 31105 appeared off the Shrewsbury line on a test train with 31106 bringing up the rear. The train reversed and left on the Stoke line. 12/5/2005

 86605 arrived in platform 12 and left soon after the 31's. 12/5/2005

Brilliant sunshine at Crewe station, always a problem because the line runs North-South so shooting into the sun is the order of the day. 47843 came off the LNWR sheds and headed North with 66506 and 66512 in tow. 10/5/2005

 Shining in DRS livery, 47298 ran into bay platform 7 before reversing and heading South. 10/5/2005

As if that were not enough, 66404, in DRS livery, emerged from the LNWR sheds to head North. 10/5/2005

 47815 "Traction Magazine" could be seen many miles away shimmering through the heat haze as it ran in to collect two members of staff.........

 ........before leaving to cross over to pause alongside the down slow. It then reversed and headed back North. 10/5/2005

 67030, having earlier arrived off the Manchester line to head off towards Stoke, returned with a set of tanks bound for Warrington. 10/5/32005

As the 67 ran North class 60 number 60002 "High Peak" ran the other way to cross over and enter the Basford Hall sidings complex. 10/5/2005

 On the way out I was met by 66508 leaving the Chester line with a mixed train of ballast hoppers, presumably from Penmaenmawr. 10/5/2005