A bright but misty morning at Crewe and there are signs of Spring in the air as Super Voyager 221118 "Mungo Park " leaves for Edinburgh. 8/2/2005

 90022 "Freightconnection" appeared off the Chester line and parked in the siding adjacent to platform 12. 8/2/2005

 66233 came in to join it. 8/2/2005

 233 soon left to run up the WCML with its monster load of 3 4-wheel tankers. 8/2/2005

 66567 ran round onto the Chester line. 8/2/2005

 The class 323 trains running between Crewe and Manchester have now lost their "First" branding as 323230 reveals. 8/2/2005

47847 "Railway World Magazine" arrived at Llandudno Junction with the 13.35 Holyhead-Manchester. 5/2/2005

 At the same time the 11.21 London-Llandudno appeared in the form of 221xxx - I forgot to note the name and, because of those silly little numbers below platform level, I have no record of what it was. 5/2/2005

 847 preparing to leave.....

.....and off it goes. 5/2/2005

 175002 arrived en route for Holyhead. 5/2/2005

 153312 was parked up and waiting for work. 5/2/2005