The last day for Virgin 47 traction on the coast and I decided to join the 08.00 London-Holyhead at Llandudno Junction for the run to Holyhead and to see the last Virgin runround. This is a video capture shot taken as 47830 approached Conwy Castle. 25/9/2004

Arrival at Holyhead and 830 had been detached and started the runround. 25/9/2004

 On to the headshunt and the shunter checked to make sure that the locomotive had cleared the points - not much room to spare here. 25/9/2004

 The often ignored but very useful DVT number 82108, what price their future now? 25/9/2004

 All too soon it's approaching 13.23 and time to go. The driver, who by this time had become something of a celebrity, climbed into the cab for the off. 25/9/2004

Llandudno Junction and off I got to see this final(?) 47 hauled Holyhead-London service depart for Crewe and AC haulage down to the Capital. End of one era and the beginning of another. Pendolino to Holyhead next time or, maybe, a Voyager to Llandudno via the Deganwy branch, we'll see! 25/9/2004

Last viewing of the 09.20 Holyhead-London as 47851 "Traction Magazine" hurtles through Pensarn station 25/9/2004

 Final day for the Chester 47 event and 47826 "Springburn" makes patterns in the sky as it takes the 09.20 Holyhead-London out to Crewe. This was the first of three 47 hauled services that entered Chester in the space of about 15 minutes. 24/9/2004

 826 continued to make music in dramatic form. 24/9/2004

 Next in was 47853 with the 10.00 Manchester-Holyhead. 24/9/2004

 Entering the platform with this, soon to be a unit, Arriva service. 24/9/2004

 And finally, the 08.35 London-Holyhead with 47830 at the head. 24/9/2004

 A quick return to Crewe just in time to see the 09.20 from Holyhead continue its journey South to London with 87023 "Polmadie" pushing at the rear. 24/9/2004

 The day ended with 66236 heading through the station with the breakdown train in tow. Where had it been and why? 24/9/2004