Old Colwyn promenade and in the wrong place again as an unidentified Super Voyager heads West towards the floods. 23/10/2004

 Further down the promenade and a green appears so you take a look to see BR blue leaving Colwyn Bay station. Grab camera and race up the steps - just too late to catch two class 20's approaching so it had to be parting shots. The best was this one which, although grainy, shows the 20's approaching Penmaenhead tunnel. 23/10/2004

 Back down the steps towards the car (panting heavily) only to see a 37 emerging from the tunnel! Back up the steps at a rate of knots but, again, just too late for an approach shot so parting it was. 37682 was leading with 37893 trailing on the westbound water cannon. All in a day's fun! 23/10/2004

 The 37's disappearing into the distance with low cloud adding to the gloom of the day. 23/10/2004

 The Douglas oil rig with the Cumbrian mountains as a backdrop appearing out of the gloom. This shot was taken through a telescope. 23/10/2004

 Rough seas at Old Colwyn as Winter approaches. An unidentified Super Voyager clings to the cliff edge as it approaches Penmaenhead tunnel with Rainbow Bridge spanning the A55 in the background. 17/10/2004

 An unidentified Hippo leaving Colwyn Bay station with a spectacular display from the Irish Sea. The promenade had been closed to road traffic as huge lumps of stone were thrown around by the waves. 17/10/2004

 The 10.17 Arriva service to Holyhead leaving Crewe with 47839 at the head. 1/10/2004

57308 "Tin Tin", formerly 47846, was on standby in bay platform 8. 1/10/2004

 Well it had to happen I suppose, the red menace arriving at Crewe in the form of Super Voyager 221117 "Sir Henry Morton Stanley" en route for Holyhead. 1/10/2004

92001 "Victor Hugo", one of the few class 92's in EWS livery. 1/10/2004

47816 came off the (ex) depot yard and reversed to run North up the WCML. 1/10/2004

47853 "RAIL Express" was sat outside the LNWR carriage sheds for some time before running into the platform 12 avoiding line. In tow were a set of carriages including these red ones destined for the Wensleydale Railway.
Stock numbers were 5732(?)/5447/5381/5345/9417/5373/5364/5307/5378

 853 ran round the coaching stock and then headed South onto the Stoke line. 1/10/2004