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January 2

January 3

 2004 saw the closure of the line from Crewe to Cheadle Hulme as part of the WCML upgrade. In consequence the ecs working to transfer the stock from the morning Bangor-Manchester to Crewe has been diverted via Altrincham and Chester. I went to Lostock Gralam station, just East of Northwich, to see the train pass. This long shot shows it approaching the station. 6/1/2004

 As the train appeared, thrashing somewhat, 47757 "Capability Brown" was at the head. 6/1/2004

 Lostock Gralam station has clearly seen better days! 6/1/2004

 Next stop was Crewe and, just after it was announced as cancelled, the 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead left with an ex-Virgin coach in the consist. The train was running 30 minutes down with 47773 "The Queen Mother" at the head. 6/1/2004

 Shortly afterwards, 757 brought the ecs off the Chester line and into platform 6 . 6/1/2004

 This is actually a colour shot of 757 going past, the pale Winter sun has bleached out the colours. 6/1/2004

 Apparently the class 90's are to be removed from West Coast Main Line workings in favour of Class 87's until all the Pendolino units are in service. Here, 90010 "275 Railway Squadron (Volunteers)" pushes its train into platform 5 en route South. When (and why) did the BBC decide that the line was known as the West Coast MAIN Line? 6/1/2004

 Speaking of 87's, retro liveried 87001 "Stephenson" left, hauling a Liverpool working. 6/1/2004

 The multi-coloured 150278 was working the Crewe-Chester shuttle and was carrying the ATW branding. 6/1/2004

 47840 "North Star" dragged 87021 "Robert the Bruce" into Crewe. 6/1/2004

 Bright Winter sunshine warms the day (a little!) as 47789 "Lindisfarne" brings the 12.45 Holyhead-Crewe into Bangor Station. This turned out to be the penultimate day of operations for 789 which has been put into store. 02/01/2004

 Posing in the sun before leaving. 02/01/2004

 Receiving a green, it was away. 02/01/2004


January 2

January 3