February 1

 10.30 a.m. and 47776 "Respected" leaves Crewe en route for Holyhead. 57307 "Lady Penelope" sits waiting for work as the resident Thunderbird. 17/2/2004

 On the Diesel Depot was repaired 47750 together with 67006. 17/2/2004

 43065 waits to leave platform 6 for Holyhead with 43123 bringing up the rear. This train was running 75 minutes late. 17/2/2004

 Crewe-Cardiff specials time but no class 37's this time as 67012 waits to depart for South Wales. 14/2/2004

 Not exactly common at Crewe are the Freightliner class 57's, this one, 57005, waits to depart South. 14/2/2004

 A second class 67 as 67028 waits to depart North where steam was to take over this Valentine Special. 14/2/2004

A second class 57 as 57007 was dragged, with train, into platform 6 by 90046. The pair sat at the North end signal for quite some time before the AC left and parked on the Chester line. It waited there for some considerable time and the 57 was started up before the 90 headed South through the station to attach to the rear of the train. The AC then dragged the train + 57 back down to Basford Hall sidings! 14/2/2004

Once the Chester line had been cleared 47805, complete with Freightliner stickers, left for Chester, Wrexham and Cardiff with the second of the day's rugby specials. 14/2/2004

 Back at the South end and 47812 was in reverse with its stock as it backed into platform 11 with the final rugby special of the day. Filthy weather and very poor light for digital cameras. 14/2/2004

 Yet another 47 as 47750 left its stock in platform 12 to run round and prepare to leave for Holyhead. I am not sure which train this was to be because timings were out for the day. 14/2/2004

 A trip to Chester to see the 31's and 47's etc, 31602 "Chimaera" heads the Greenbank-Chester ecs working with 31468 "Hydra" brings up the rear. 13/2/2004

 The first 47 as 47776 "Respected" arrives from Manchester with an empty stock working to Crewe. The train will pause here before running onto the triangle, coaches as well, to reverse for the run to Crewe. 13/2/2004

 The next was 47790 on the 07.45 Holyhead-Crewe working. 13/2/2004

 Refurbished 508103 arrived from Liverpool. 13/2/2004

 67012 arrived with a Northern Belle working to Holyhead. 66124 was attached to the rear for the journey onward. 13/2/2004

 A bit of plane spotting again as the Chester "Guppy" passed overhead! This special aircraft is used to ship Airbus wings to France. 13/2/2004

 Chester is the County Town of Cheshire and is a quite beautiful place to be with many interesting features, including the Shot Tower. However, the station does not reflect this and is an utter disgrace! Example - see below....



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