71000 finally made it to the coast after its delay in the paint shops at Crewe. More pictures here. 30/08/04

 The Duke's back....71000 "Duke of Gloucester" arriving at Crewe Station from the works after repainting. On the rear was 47854 and the entourage passed straight through platform 12 to turn on the Gresty Road triangle. 23/8/2004

 854 in tow. 23/8/2004

 Here's 854 in a previous guise as 47854 "Women's Royal Voluntary Service" thrashing through Worleston and the Cheshire countryside in beautiful Spring sunshine with the 09.19 Holyhead-London. 26/3/2002

 After turning, 71000 received a green through platform 6 - just as the monsoon started. I braved it, stood on the open platform getting soaked and, just as the Duke arrived, the camera failed to fire!!! So, a parting shot it was but at least driver Frank Santrian was getting equally wet. 23/8/2004

 47851/D1648 "Traction Magazine" attaching to the 08.00 London-Holyhead which had arrived behind 87001 "Stephenson" in retro blue livery. Today was very much a "47" day. 21/8/2004

 851 pulls away with 87001(L), 87026 "Sir Richard Arkwright" and 47826 "Springburn" reposing alongside. 21/8/2004.

 Royal 67005 "Queen's Messenger" waits to leave with the 10.51 for Paignton 21/8/2004
(11 coaches with one diesel engine - see below!).

 47816 arrived with the 09.20 Holyhead-London. 21/8/2004

 Coats of many colours. 21/8/2004

  NINE little diesel engines all in a row. Nine underfloor engines working away as Super Voyager 221106 trails Voyager 220026 en route for Paignton (or Newquay?). 21/8/2004

 87001 ran out to reverse and replace 47816. 21/8/2004

 47853 "Rail Express" brought the 08.54 Holyhead-Crewe Arriva service into Crewe running 55 minutes late. 21/8/2004

 It left again as the 11.30 for Holyhead some 40 minutes down and was packed. 21/8/2004

 47832 (note the FGW "Go Faster" stripe!) leaving for Chester with Nenta Train Tours' "The Dereham Cheshireman" running from Norwich to Chester....

 ....with Fragonset's 47703 "Hermes" on the rear. 21/8/2004