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 47786 "Roy Castle OBE" approaching Colwyn Bay station with the 12.45 Holyhead-Crewe. 24/11/2003

 Running past the site of the, now demolished, Penrhos College. 24/11/2003

 43065 leading 43080 as the 14.00 Virgin HST ex-Holyhead, passing Colwyn Bay, bound for.......well I don't know anymore. Does it go to London these days?     21/11/2003

 Heading East towards Llanddulas via Penmaenhead tunnel. 23/11/2003

 47739 "Resourceful" was in charge of the 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead service which, unusually, left from platform 6. 14/11/2003

 No class 37 on the Sandbach acid run today. Instead we had 60057 "Adam Smith" - these must be the most characterless locomotives seen on the British rail system. 14/11/2003

 The purple machine, 87002 in Porterbrook livery, left for Liverpool. Why can't Porterbrook give this locomotive a name? 14/11/2003

 At the South end of the station 60057 was still waiting to move forward to Basford hall sidings in order to reverse. 14/11/2003

 There was much hanging around at Crewe today when at least three ballast trains were held in the station before heading South where the track upgrade action is. Here, 66517 waits with 66512 at the rear. All the ballast trains were topped & tailed by class 66's. 14/11/2003

 87035 "Robert Burns" headed North for Preston. 14/11/2003

 47778 "Duke of Edinburgh's Award" was held at the Diesel depot exit line with an unusual train in tow......

 ..a quadruple header! Well probably not because the three class 90's were dead but it looked impressive, indeed the whole train comprised motive power because behind the locomotives were two mail units. 14/11/2003

 Just to add to the variety, 92008 "Jules Verne" was also held on the centre road, 66510 is on yet another ballast train with 66507 on the rear. 14/11/2003

175009 calling at Conwy with a Holyhead-Crewe service. 13/11/2003

009 leaving to pass under the archway in the town walls. 13/11/2003

Minutes later, 47786 "Roy Castle OBE" charged through the arch with the 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead service. 13/11/2003

Off to Holyhead. 13/11/2003


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