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 D345/40145 arriving at Crewe station on the second leg of its test runs. Inside was 37038 as backup but running dead. For more shots click the picture. 28/10/2002

37114 "City of Worcester" arrived with recently painted 86430 in tow. The pair ran round to the IEMD after which, 114 reappeared accompanied by 92008 "Jules Verne". In the background is 47841 "Spirit of Chester" on standby at Crewe. 28/10/2002

The 37 ran South before returning to deposit the 92 on the Diesel Depot. 28/10/2002

The 37 attached to class 47's numbers 47791 and 47734 "Crewe Diesel Depot" to transfer them to Toton for improvement works which are intended to increase availability. 28/10/2002

Freightliner 47150 appeared from the Stoke line to run into bay platform 7 before running South, presumably to Basford Hall. 28/10/2002

47212 arrived off the Stoke line with a long rake of FRA vehicles ex Marcroft Engineering. The train stopped in the platform 12 loop but was fouling the entrance to platform 12. Permission to draw forward (North) was obtained which took the locomotive beyond the signal to clear the points. Having done this the 47 ran round the train (above) to run off South, presumably to Basford Hall. I don't know whether the FRA's were new or refurbished but they looked very smart. 28/10/2002

Stranger in the camp! 47813 "S.S.Great Britain", in FGW livery, was parked dead in the Diesel Depot yard. These locomotives are being systematically sent to Crewe for TPWS fitting. 28/10/2002

There were several trains being hauled by Class 86 locomotives, presumably due to the recent adverse weather conditions and the subsequent cessation of services - stock in the wrong place etc.... Here, 86401 "Hertfordshire Rail Tours" leaves with a Liverpool service. Later in the day 90033 was seen on a Liverpool bound Virgin service. 28/10/2002

87004 "Britannia" seemed to be running up and down all day with 87020 "North Britton" dead in tow. Whether 020 had failed or was just being positioned is not clear. 28/10/2002


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