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 Class 40 number 40145/D345 has been back on the North Wales Coast line. Click on the picture for more shots. 30/11/2002

 47734 "Crewe Diesel Depot" arrived on shed after hauling the morning Holyhead-Manchester train. 27/11/2002

 47786 "Roy Castle OBE" leaves Crewe with the 10.17 Birmingham-Holyhead. 27/11/2002

 66039 with a coal train. 27/11/2002

 66512 with the daily Penmaenmawr-Crewe ballast train. 27/11/2002

 90033 hauls two locomotives from the IEMD. In the centre is 47736 "Cambridge Traction & Rolling Stock Depot" followed by 90028 "Vracht... (see below)". 27/11/2002

 37038 waits to enter the LNWR workshops to collect stock while 175116 leaves for Bangor. 26/11/2002

 37038 returned with coach 35479 which it transferred to the LNWR carriage sidings. 26/11/2002

 A welcome surprise on the diesel depot was 37421, a former regular on the North Wales Coast. With 421 were 90028 "Vrachtverbindungen"(L) and "Royal" 47798 "Prince William". 26/11/2002

 The 10.21 Birmingham-Holyhead was once again loco hauled. 47734 "Crewe Diesel Depot" was in charge on this occasion as it left through the misty, November sunshine. 26/11/2002

 47734 picked its way through the steel jungle that is Crewe, avoided the work gang employed on the Chester line, and continued en route for Chester and Holyhead. 26/11/2002

 Pendolino 390010 paused in platform 6 before leaving for Manchester while engaged in testing between Manchester and Stafford. Below is an example of the vintage power that the Pendolino will replace. 87005 "City of London" pauses at Crewe before leaving with a Preston bound service. The days of Class 87 haulage on the West Coast Main Line are now numbered. 26/11/2002

 A cavalcade enters Crewe Diesel Depot yard - details below. 22/11/2002

 Stood in the yard were (L to R), 47787 "Windsor Castle", 37706, 60012 and 47773 "The Queen Mother". 22/11/2002

 37717 "Berwick Middle School" entered the station from the Chester line with 90019 "Penny Black", 47798 "Prince William", 47733 "Eastern Star" and 90017 "Rail Express Systems Quality Assured". The locomotives went South before reversing into the depot yard. 47790 and 90017 were later dragged off onto the Stoke line by 47709 "Saint David/Dewi Sant". 22/11/2002

 37717 and 37706 posed before departing North. 22/11/2002

 37706 clagged its way off the yard. 22/11/2002

 37717 also posed with 90019. 22/11/2002

 86426 passed through the station en route for the IEMD with 86606 and 90045 in tow. 22/11/2002

 90025 headed North with a London-Liverpool service. 22/11/2002

  43106 trailing 43092 out of Crewe on the 08.35 London-Holyhead. 19/11/2002

 66016 uses platform 6 as it passes with a North bound freight. 19/11/2002

 47770 "Reserved" (top) brought a Serco test train into platform 5 en route South. Bringing up the rear, dead, was 47747 "Florence Nightingale" 19/11/2002

 Frequent visitors to bay platform 7 are two DRS Class 20's which, today, were 20306 and 20310. In the background at platform 12 is 66518 with a full platform length of empty car flats. 19/11/2002

 20306 with 20310. 19/11/2002

 20310. 19/11/2002

 The connections between the two locomotives appear very simple compared to other types of traction. 8/11/2002

 The 11.30 Crewe-Holyhead (shown as 11.15 in the timetable) leaving Crewe behind 47786 "Roy Castle O.B.E.". 19/11/2002


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