MAY 2002



 The inimitable 9.19 Holyhead-London arriving at Crewe behind 47841 "Spirit of Chester". 10/5/2002

 The sorry remains of Royal Scot class number 6115 "Scots Guardsman" receiving its first dose of TLC for many a year at the LNWR workshops at Crewe. Click the picture for more. 10/5/2002

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived dead on time behind 47805 "Pride of Toton". 9/5/2002

 Waiting in the wings to propel the express down to the Capital City was 87028 "Lord President". The shunter spent about 10 minutes trying to connect the locomotive to the rear of the train without success. In the end 87028 ran round to attach to the front and eventually left about 10 minutes down - not bad under the circumstances. 9/5/2002

 Until recently the class 47 would detach from the train and run round to go light engine to Preston and then to Poole. Today the locomotive parked up in bay platform 10 and I understand that the Poole service has become a Voyager Victim thus not requiring the 47. Another one bites the dust? 9/5/2002

 37416 "Concrete Bob/Sir Robert McAlpine" parked up at Crewe Diesel Depot - ready for Saturday's bash? An interesting 60 minutes at Crewe station earlier today. 2/5/2002

 I was surprised to see 416 on the depot, it is not a Crewe regular but very welcome nonetheless. 37670 was ticking over at the rear of the yard and obliged by posing in the sunshine alongside 416. 2/5/2002

 Telephoto HST - 43161 leads 43007 on the northbound Devon Scot. 2/5/2002

 66503 appeared from the LNWR workshops with 47270 "Cory Brothers 1842-1992" in tow with engine running. The pair paused in bay platform 7 before taking off onto the Marches line. On test? 2/5/2002

 47810 "Porterbrook" brought in the morning Holyhead-London. 2/5/2002

 Closely following was 90006"Roger Ford/Modern Railways Magazine" for the onward journey. 2/5/2002

 37038 had been messing about outside the LNWR workshops for a while and later repeated 47270's meander by running into bay platform 7 with Class 50 number 431 in tow. The hoover was started up with a cloud of clag(!) before the pair also left on the Marches line. On test? 2/5/2002

 They used to live at Crewe in pre electrification days and eventually double headed the Anglo Scottish expresses as the timetable was improved. They were later transferred to the Western Region where they saw out their days.

 37670 deposited its mailvans for AC electric 90225 to take North. The growler then followed, passing through the station centre road where 220023 "Mancunian Voyager" was coupled to 220025 on a Manchester-Brighton working. 2/5/2002