JUNE 2002

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 Double heading Freightliner Class 86's 86607+86615 "Rotary International" pass through Crewe station en route for the West Coast Main Line. 7/6/2002

 "On shed" were 47744 "Royal Mail Cheltenham" and 37675. The 37 looked to be carrying a painted-on name but it was not distinguishable at this distance. 7/6/2002

 47848 "Newton Abbot Festival of Transport" passed through en route for Manchester with an ecs working. 7/6/2002

 A change of horses for the 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead train as 47776 "Respected" leaves platform 12 with the reintroduced First North Western loco hauled service. 7/6/2002

 47805 "Pride of Toton" winds its way through the Crewe infrastructure with the 9.19 Holyhead-London Virgin service. 7/6/2002

 47635(L), 47776 "Respected", 47758 and 37670 reposing on Crewe Diesel depot. 5/6/2002

 43079 leaves for North Wales as the 08.44 London-Holyhead with 43006 trailing. 5/6/2002

 47757 "Restitution" leaving Crewe's platform 12 with the 10.07 Birmingham-Holyhead FNW service. The train was reported to be running 27 minutes down due to "unit failure" at Birmingham. 757 seemed fine as it stormed out of Crewe. 5/6/2002

 47806 arrived with the 9.19 Holyhead-London to give way to 87023 "Polmadie". 5/6/2002

 86205 "City of Lancaster" drew into the station from Crewe IEMD, paused and then returned - presumably on test? 5/6/2002

 A wonderful touch of drama as 47757 "Restitution" brings the 06.30 Holyhead-Birmingham working into Crewe. This is the first full day's operation of the restored loco hauled service by First North Western on the North Wales Coast. 3/6/2002

 Great Western stock to Birmingham! 3/6/2002

 46035 heading East towards Prestatyn station with a Pathfinder Yeovil-Holyhead-Yeovil charter on a sunny Summer afternoon in North Wales. 1/6/2002

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