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 Saturdays are a good time for 47 haulage on the coast. The 8.00 from London Euston arrives at Crewe behind AC haulage and today it was 86260 "Driver Wallace Oakes G.C". Here the locomotive is running off after detachment. 20/10/2001

 47737 "Resurgent" was holding on the Chester line and, after the 86 had cleared, it ran to connect onto the front. 20/10/2001

 A few minutes later, in monsoon weather, the train left for Holyhead. 20/10/2001

 47851 arrived from Holyhead on time with the 9.19 for London. 20/10/2001

 Standing in the wings was 87018 "Lord Nelson" which attached to the rear to propel the train South. 20/10/2001

 47721 "Saint Bede" was dragged into the Diesel depot yard by 66012 which ran round and pushed the class 47 into the depot. 20/10/2001

 57005 "Freightliner Excellence" appeared with 86101 "Sir William A.Stanier FRS" in tow. 86101 has recently come back from the dead after a period of inactivity. 18/10/2001

 47814 "Totnes Castle" arriving at Crewe with the 9.19 Holyhead-London Virgin service. The train was propelled South by 86261 "Rail Charter Partnerships" 18/10/2001

 Stranger in the camp! 4472 "Flying Scotsman" came to Crewe earlier today with an ecs working of "Northern Belle" stock. 15/10/2001

 Plenty of visible steam despite the mild weather.

 The locomotive and support coach unhooked and, with the usual clearing of cylinders, moved forward.

 With its headlight blazing and its distinctive (!) whistle, 4472 headed towards the Chester line.

 When opened up slightly its double chimney produced a soft exhaust sound.

 The engine ran onto the Chester line but then reversed through the platform 12 avoiding loop to where I know not. It did later return to enter the LNWR depot for servicing ready for its VSOE run to York via Stoke, Derby and Sheffield, on Wednesday 17th October..

 The Middlewich acid tanks provide a reasonable chance of class 37 haulage and today it was 37695, seen here coming off the branch at Sandbach where track repairs are under way on the main line. 10/10/2001

 Approaching the station with just three vehicles in tow. 10/10/2001

 47770 "Reserved" leaning on the superelevated track while entering Colwyn Bay station with 1A63, the 13.35 Holyhead-London train. 6/10/2001

 Ready to leave with the Irish Sea in the background. 6/10/2001

 Away West for Chester, Crewe and London Euston. The diesel normally only travels as far as Crewe where it is exchanged for AC traction. 6/10/2001

 Crewe station and 47844 leaves with the Sussex Scot, a Brighton to Edinburgh via Manchester train. 6/10/2001

 142057 arrives in platform 6 from Chester and prepares to reverse for Manchester Airport. In the background is 43162 which trails 43100 en route for Penzance. 6/10/2001



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