North Wales Coast
March 2001 Part 2

 47827 entering Crewe's platform 11 with the 9.19 Holyhead - Crewe. 29/3/2001

 Approaching the rear of the train from the Chester line was class 90 number 90032 "Cerestar" in deteriorating "Railfreight" livery. 29/3/2001

Hooking onto the rear to propel the train to London. The rear vehicle was an additional buffet car number 10250 marked "out of use". 29/3/2001

 47817 "The Institution of Mechanical Engineers" brought the 9.19 Holyhead-London into platform 11 at Crewe for its loco swap. This was the start of a very busy 60 minutes at Crewe today. 23/3/2001

 Waiting along the WCML was 86229 "Lions Clubs International" which reversed onto the train in readiness for its journey to the capital. The loco normally waits in the siding over Mill Street road bridge but for some reason inhabited the WCML alongside the Heritage Centre. 23/3/2001

 Railfreight's 66509 ran South down the centre road with a train of car flats (or whatever they are called these days!). 23/3/2001

 Much to my surprise, the HST that arrived in platform 6 was the 8.38 London-Holyhead running 45 minutes down. 43156 was at the head with 43090 trailing. The top photo shows the train leaving Crewe past the Heritage Centre. Crewe town centre clock tower can be seen in the distance. 23/3/2001

 47806 arrived with the Poole-Liverpool train (the driver always gets a treat when he arrives at Crewe with this train! Shhhh). Just as this train was pulling out a class 37 went North onto the Manchester line with 4 ancient looking coaches, 2 were in RR livery and 2 in IC (ish). It turned out to be Mr.Riley's loco 37038 - always the way huh! 23/3/2001


 The Virgin 9.19 Holyhead-London train arrived at Crewe's platform 11 behind 47844. 20/3/2001

 The shunter was waiting to unhook the class 47 from DVT 82135 "Spirit of Cumbria" which would become the leading vehicle en route to London Euston. 20/3/2001

 The motive power was provided by Class 90 number 90005 "Financial Times" which was attached to the rear of the train. 20/3/2001

 As usual the class 47 ran round the train and crossed over to park up in bay platform 10, 90005 is on the right waiting to leave. Today the 47 was switched off instead of being left to tick over - less polution that way! 20/3/2001

Later on, 47812 arrived at platform 6 with the Poole - Liverpool train. 20/3/2001



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