North Wales Coast
July 2001 Part 3

 Last day of July and 37886 "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed" appeared on the Manchester line, ran to the North end of platform 5 and stopped then moved off up the West Coast Main Line. 31/7/2001

 My first sight of a class 175/1 3+3 formation in the form of 175105+175110 leaving platform 12 with the 11.15 for Holyhead. 31/7/2001

 Views around a signal. 47839 (L) was arriving from the North Wales line with the 9.19 Holyhead-London while 87008 "City of Liverpool" waits on the WCML to take over for the journey South.

 47839 ran through platform 11. 31/7/2001

 Meanwhile, on Crewe Diesel Depot, 37674 "St Blaise Church 1445-1995" came off the pumps to run South. 31/7/2001

 The Penmaenmawr stone trains are regularly featured on the North Wales Coast website and this is the Crewe end where they dive into the undergrowth as they take the avoiding line to gain access to the virtual quarry at Basford. 66604 is featured. 31/7/2001

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