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 The two "Riley" locomotives were out on the Crewe-Cardiff run today as a crew training exercise. Leading is 37197 with 37038 behind. 11/12/2001

 The two class 37's left on time with 6 in tow and disappeared into the fog en route for Cardiff. 11/12/2001

 37377 passed through the station and ran through the gloom to disappear into Basford sidings with two 4-wheeled tanks. 11/12/2001

 Through the fog could be seen 9016/55016 "Gordon Highlander" in its purple livery. This locomotive has been at Crewe Diesel depot for some time and has now been moved from behind the shed into the yard. 11/12/2001

 37377 worked back up the West Coast Main Line light engine. 11/12/2001

 Off the Manchester line worked 37704 (R) with 37109 in tow dead. 109 returns to Crewe yet again. The two worked into the diesel depot yard where 109 was pushed to the shed entrance, started up and moved inside. 704 worked back North up the WCML. 11/12/2001

 90028 "Vrachtverbindungen"at Crewe with a London-Lancaster train. 10/12/2001

 47793 "Saint Augustine" and 90019 "Penny Black" at Crewe Diesel Depot. 10/12/2001

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London arrived at Crewe behind 47805 (centre) which detached and ran round to leave 87035 "Robert Burns" (L) in charge. On the right is 86233 "Laurence Olivier" which had brought in the 8.00 London-Holyhead to hand over to 47739 "Resourceful" 8/12/2001

 47739 arriving from Crewe Diesel depot to take over for the run to Holyhead. 8/12/2001

 90146 left Crewe for Liverpool. 8/12/2001

 47739 leaving for North Wales and Holyhead. 8/12/2001

 47805 arriving with the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 8/12/2001

 The last of the four retro painted class 47's ran on the coast today when IC liveried 47826 "Springburn" hauled the 9.19 Holyhead-London into Crewe. 87026 "Sir Richard Arkwright" took the train South attached to the DVT at the front. 6/12/2001

 The train braked sharply approaching platform 11 and sat for a few minutes before drawing forward. 6/12/2001

 15 minutes later the Green Machine, 47851/D1648 left with the 11.45 for Liverpool ex Poole. 6/12/2001

 47853/D1733 was in charge of today's 9.19 Holyhead-London. The locomotive detached from the train at Crewe to hand over to 87010 "King Arthur" and then ran round to head North for Preston. It sat for a few minutes at the North end of the platform 12 loop to await the green aspect, just time for a few decent shots. 4/12/2001

 47761 ran in to platform 12 just as the XP64 liveried locomotive was appearing off the Chester line. Fortunately it was held until the retro painted machine had entered platform 11. 4/12/2001

 47853/D1733 entering the station. 4/12/2001

 37411 "The Scottish Railway Preservation Society" passed through the station heading South before turning and running North to Warrington. The tanks contain Hydrochloric acid from Hayes Chemicals at Sandbach. 4/12/2001

 43086 gets "panned" as it leaves the station with 43097 bringing up the rear. 4/12/2001

 The 37/4 returned via the platform 12 loop for its journey North in brightly contrasting light conditions. 4/12/2001

 An unidentified "Virgin" HST set approaches Conwy tunnel through a delayed autumnal scene with the 13.35 Holyhead-London service on Sunday 2nd December 2001. Lengths of rail between the eastbound rails indicate that relaying of welded track is planned.



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