North Wales Coast
August 2001 Part 2

 Is it a drag or a push? 90006 "Modern Railways Magazine/Roger Ford" propels "dead" 87034 "William Shakespeare" and train South through Crewe 30/8/2001

 47785 "Fiona Castle" brought EWS liveried passenger haulage back to the North Wales Coast line when it provided the power for the 9.19 Holyhead-Crewe. 30/8/2001

 The train was pushed South by hired-in Class 90 number 90146. 30/8/2001

 47853 powered the 11.15 for Liverpool ex-Poole. See below for this locomotive on the N.Wales Coast. 30/8/2001

 142041 arrived from Chester with a Manchester Airport train and is seen here on the crossover from platform 6. 30/8/2001

 66224 came round the back of the station with a set of MGR(?) wagons. It stopped briefly and then left in a hurry with sanders blasting along the track - very dramatic! 30/8/2001

 There were plenty of HST sets around and this shot shows 43067 leaving Crewe with 43180 attached to the rear, destination unknown. On the right is 156420 working the Chester-Crewe shuttle. 30/8/2001

 At last! A Hippo in the form of 175111 on the 13.19 for Holyhead ex-Birmingham. 30/8/2001

 Not the coast line but the Chester services. Hale station in Cheshire, and the scene of my early travels to school when I commuted between Hale and Knutsford every day, often behind an ex GCR D11 4-4-0! Much different today with open barriers and weeds. 142009 arrived on a Manchester Piccadilly service. 28/8/2001

 150140 also arrived en route for Chester.....

 .....and didn't hang around. 28/8/2001

 47853 storms away from Colwyn Bay station with 1A46, the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 26/8/2001

 The train heads off East through the the morning mists towards Rhyl and Chester. 26/8/2001

 Some of the passengers waiting to gain access to 175010 as it joins up to 175105 at Crewe to form the 15.27 for Holyhead. All sorts of things went wrong after that. 24/8/2001

 47749 "Atlantic College" was at the head of a Serco test train waiting in the platform 12 loop. At the rear was 47737 "Resurgent". 24/8/2001

 175105 still waits to leave as 47737 stands at the rear of the Serco train. 24/8/2001

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