North Wales Coast
April 2001


 "Blue Peter" is back in town. Seen here being prepared for Saturday's "Cumbrian Mountain Express" romp up Shap and over the S&C. The train is operated by Steamy Affairs. 27/4/2001

 The sleeping giant - the prototype British Railways standard class 7 number 70000 "Britannia". What can you say apart from "Built at Crewe"? 27/4/2001



 Holyhead to Crewe in 10 hours and 20 minutes - quite a long time even for an old '47! Actually the time was 11.30 and the 9.19 Holyhead-London Euston had arrived dead on time behind 47806. 24/4/2001

 The locomotive was quickly uncoupled and ran forward to the signal to await the "go". It then ran round through platform 12 to take up its hold position in bay platform 10. 24/4/2001

 This left the DVT number 82121 "Carlisle Cathedral" free to pilot the train to London. 24/4/2001

 The reason that the class 47 ran through platform 12 was because the Middlewich-Arpley Enterprise service had arrived earlier than usual and occupied the platform 12 loop. 24/4/2001

 The AC electric locomotive that appeared on the rear of the train was probably the most unkempt I have ever seen, it seemed to have half the paint missing from its side and end. 24/4/2001

 Another shot of the leading end of 86416 shows the large panels of paint that had become detached from the body side. It just looked as if it had been reinstated in a hurry! 24/4/2001

 The 8.38 London Euston - Holyhead approaching the site of Worleston Station, near Nantwich, running what appears to be a mandatory 30 minutes down. 19/4/2001
 175010 approaching the same spot. 19/4/2001

 It was all class 47's at Crewe today and the first to arrive was "Royal" 47798 "Prince William" earning its keep with a mixture of postal stock. There was a crew change here before it set off South with ominous blue smoke coming from the leading bogie. 18/4/2001

 Next to arrive was 47279 in "Railfreight" livery. The loco ran light into platform 8 before heading back South, probably onto the depot. 18/4/2001

 Finally, 47750 "Atlas" brought the 9.19 Holyhead-London into platform 11 before unhooking and reversing to head off to Preston. The train was propelled South by 86430 "Saint Edmund". There were a further five named class 47's in the diesel depot yard. 18/4/2001

 The highlight of the 45 minutes I spent at Crewe was the arrival of class 37 number 37717 "Berwick Middle School" which ran South between platforms 5 and 6 before returning via the platform 11 avoiding line en route for Warrington Arpley. This train runs daily from Middlewich. 18/4/2001

 Nothing to do with North Wales but I think interesting nonetheless. Wales and West's 153374 parked at Crewe station showing off as the first of a series of Pictorial Trains. This particular unit depicts Truro Cathedral. 8/4/2001

 A more detailed shot of the mural which I think is rather good. I wonder if FNW will adopt this idea for the North Wales Coast line - there are plenty of delightful Welsh scenes to depict! Caernarfon Castle and the Menai bridge to mention but two. 8/4/2001

 Power car 43013 led the Southampton bound HST into Crewe station and guess what was on the rear? - yes, it was 43014 - how often does that happen? 3/4/2001

 47843 "Vulcan" arrived on time at Crewe with the 9.19 London - Holyhead but the usual AC electric locomotive did not attach to the rear for the onward journey. 3/4/2001

 Sure enough the class 47 took the train South - is the 47 removed en route? Surely it does not continue to Euston. Any information please anyone? 3/4/2001

 The sight and sound of a class 37 locomotive entering platform 6 sets the heart a pounding, but on this occasion it is the daily Middlewich - Arpley with 37110 in charge. On this occasion it avoided the usual centre road route. 3/4/2001

 The class 37 reversed and dropped off a tank vehicle before returning via the platform 12 loop to head North for Warrington. 3/4/2001

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