North Wales Coast
November 2000-2

87014 "Knight of the Thistle" arrived in platform 11 with a London - Liverpool train. 24/11/2000

While "Plastic Hippo" number 175008 was ready to leave with the 15.53 Crewe-Chester, 156441 was loading for Holyhead. 24/11/2000

37413 departed from platform 12 on 1T50 the 15.30 Crewe-Holyhead.....

....and snaked off through the Crewe steelwork to gain the Chester line. 24/11/2000

Menial task for a royal 47 as "Prince William" shunts oil tanks at Crewe Diesel Depot. 23/11/2000

AC electric number 86207 "City of Lichfield" took out a Virgin train with about a dozen people on board. 23/11/2000

A Serco test train was parked in platform 5 and left with 47739 "Resourceful" at the head and.....

......47793 "Saint Augustine" at the rear. 23/11/2000

A montage of 37413 which arrived on time with 1K57, the 7.49 Holyhead- Crewe. Picture 1 shows the train arriving and the inset shows where the nameplate has been literally ripped off the side of the locomotive. Presumably this was carried out when the machine was withdrawn from service.

After discharging its passengers, 37413 drew up to the signal at the south end of platform 12 to await permission to proceed.

Right of way given and the 37/4 left for the carriage sidings, not much smoke from a resurrected locomotive! 23/11/2000

156542 formed the 10.23 Crewe-Chester train. 23/11/2000

Dusk at Bangor station and 37421 is ready to leave with 1K73 the 15.58 Holyhead-Crewe. 20/11/2000

37428 "The Royal Scotsman" arrived at Crewe on the 7.49 Holyhead-Crewe. This locomotive was recently reported to have suffered a flashover on its main generator. 18/11/2000

RES liveried Class 47 number 47736 "Cambridge Traction and Rolling Stock Depot" was in charge of the 10.28 rugby special to Cardiff. 18/11/2000

37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" was hauling the 8.53 Holyhead - Birmingham. 18/11/2000

A three car Class 101 number 101663 was on a Manchester to Chester train via Crewe. This train has to reverse, South of the station, to gain the Chester line. Two cars on this set have engines to provide extra power. 18/11/2000

Quite a surprise was to see 37426 arrive on the 10.07 Birmingham - Holyhead which is scheduled for a DMU. 18/11/2000

37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" appeared to be spare on the Diesel Depot yard. 18/11/2000

37426+37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" on Crewe Diesel Depot with a standard gauge 0-4-0 in the foreground. 17/11/2000

The Crewe end of the North Wales Coast route and 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" on full bore, passes the Bentley factory with the 15.30 Crewe-Holyhead. The train was running to time. 16/11/2000

The train races away into the Cheshire countryside and the setting sun, growling in the way to which the 37's are prone. Blood curdling stuff and very depressing when you consider that in a few weeks time some of these machines could be in the scrapyard!  16/11/2000

43198+43078 entering platform 12 at Crewe with the 08.38 London Euston-Holyhead. 15/11/2000

37421 entering Crewe station with stock for 1T50 the 15.30 Crewe-Holyhead in appalling weather. 14/11/2000

Passing by to collect a fairly good crowd. 14/11/2000

Sat on the centre road was Freightliner 66511 with a Serco coach and some kind of track maintenance wagons (anybody??). The locomotive has clearly suffered a bashing to its cab side (see inset). 14/11/2000

Something to do with ballast at a guess! 14/11/2000