North Wales Coast
December 2000-1

 37421 was on 1T50 the 15.30 Crewe-Holyhead and at some time has received a fairly hard knock on its nose - in the closing days of steam, this would have been sufficient to warrant withdrawal. Any excuse to get rid. 11/12/2000

 Parallel lines (good name for an album!) as 37421 leaving platform 12 at the gallop. 11/12/2000

 On the centre road was rebuilt class 47 number 57011 in charge of a Serco test train...

 ....and in tow was that hopper wagon again. 11/12/2000

 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" arrived in bright sunshine some 20 minutes down on 1K57, the 7.49 Holyhead-Crewe. 9/12/2000

 A day of sharp contrasts with sun and cloud mixed. The low Winter sun makes things difficult but it can produce dramatic shots if the digital camera can cope. This one came out fine after I managed to stay in the shadows on platform 12 to see 37401 leaving with ecs from 1K57. 9/12/2000

 Another shot into the sun and the silhouette of 37421 stands out in the Crewe Diesel Depot yard. Shortly after I took this shot the locomotive left through the back door route by which 37429 had entered (see below). This avoiding line was in heavy use today, I saw a class 86 remove two Royal Mail sets this way and later a string of five class 90's passed through. 9/12/2000

 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" had failed at Chester with an AWS fault and limped back onto the depot via the back door route behind platform 12. 9/12/2000

 37426 was switched to platform 11 at the last minute with the 8.53 Holyhead-Birmingham and loaded a good crowd on board. That made 4 members of the sub-class in just over one hour - not bad going. 9/12/2000

 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" left Crewe's platform 12 at a cracking pace with the 15.30 for Holyhead. 8/12/2000

 37421, which had brought some oil tanks to the yard, ran off into the shed. 8/12/2000

 Just as the sun had set 37429 "Eisteddfod Genedlaethol" emerged from the shed after repairs to a traction motor. 8/12/2000

 "Cyclops" number 67025 was quietly ticking (whining) over in the yard. 8/12/2000

 I called at Crewe's platform 12 to see 1G96 the 8.47 Holyhead-Birmingham and found GM "shed" 66243 waiting to leave LE north up the WC main line. Given time, I believe we will grow to love these engines! 7/12/2000

 1G96 arrived but, surprisingly, behind no-heat loco 37717 "Berwick Middle School" - a failure on the coast line? This engine has been on coastal duties before and I have some shots of it in bay 9 after having performed the, now defunct, runround procedure. 7/12/2000

 When the loco was unhooked I concluded that the train had been terminated but a mighty roar from bay 8 revealed 37426 rushing (literally) to the rescue. I can assure you from experience, that travelling the coast in Winter with a no-heater up front is about as close to a near-death experience as you will ever need! 7/12/2000

 37426 hurriedly reversed and coupled up to the waiting stock. 7/12/2000

 "Hippo" 175007 arrived to enter platform 11 with a Holyhead train. This train and 1G96 has swapped platforms to allow for the loco change. 7/12/2000

 47292 pulled into the centre road to await the right of way. This locomotive looks as if it has been rubbed down pending a repaint. 7/12/2000

 37426 left for Birmingham some 25 minutes down, mainly due to having to wait for a pathway out. 7/12/2000

 Parked in the centre road was new looking 66602 on a Serco test train. Serco have been very active at Crewe recently. 5/12/2000

 The Diesel depot yard boasted 7 operational Class 37 locomotives, the photo shows (L-R) 37413, 37401, 37797, 37426 and 37799. 37219 and 37710 were at the rear of the shed. Withdrawn 37407 "Blackpool Tower" still languishes on the scrap line, now protected by a track-centre flashing light? 5/12/2000

 47840 "North Star" was parked in the way of the Serco train which prevented decent photos. This montage shows how the camera can lie - you can have North Star with or without an OLE mast. 5/12/2000

  37799 is named "Sir Dyfed/County of Dyfed" and it later transferred to a different parking spot. 5/12/2000

 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" arrived with the 7.49 from Holyhead and ran off to the carriage sidings with its stock before.....


...returning light engine into bay 8 then heading off along the Shrewsbury line. It later went onto the depot to refuel after which it entered the shed. 5/12/2000


 37421 arrived and departed with the 8.47 Holyhead-Birmingham. 5/12/2000

 Sunday on the railways and Crewe station was almost deserted at 15.00hrs. The only train around was the 15.05 for London Euston sat in platform 12 with 87003 "Thane of Fife" waiting to propel its charge southwards. 3/12/2000

 Meanwhile round the corner at the IEMD, the number of "stored" AC electric locomotives is growing. One of the longest serving members of the club is 87101, the unique thiristor controlled loco formerly named "Stephenson" behind it is RES liveried 86241 "Glenfiddich" 3/12/2000