Colwyn Bay station and the weeds are returning for the Summer as 47816, in ex-FGW livery and en route Holyhead, enters with the 10.49 from Crewe. With a full Virgin set trailing, this train should have been the 08.35 from London Euston but was temporarily running short due to closure of the West Coast Mail Line between London and Stafford. Diesel haulage is scheduled to run until the timetable change in September 2004 when either Super Voyagers or Pendolino sets are understood to be taking over the Holyhead-London and Llandudno-London services.

 816 made a spirited start from Llandudno Junction and set off into the heat haze with the town of Conwy in the background.

 The arch again....

 Leaving Bangor station.

 Entering Holyhead after an uneventful run across the island. Is that 47810 "Porterbrook" in the background?

 Onto the headshunt for the runround.

 Out of the station and then back onto the stock and, yes, that is "Porterbrook" on standby in the background with engine ticking over. No flat batteries here eh!

 It was training day at Holyhead as several members of staff studied the reconnection of the locomotive.

 47, DVT and style!

 Holyhead murial (yes, I know).

 View from the bridge.....Holyhead with locomotives is so photogenic.

 Looking good in the hot sunshine and ready to shuttle back to Crewe - the train was almost empty in both directions. Virgin must be heartily sick of it.

 Back to Colwyn and off the train to see the 47 leaving amongst the weeds.


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