TPE 68032 was waiting in bay platform 8 before heading North up the main line.

 Later a TPE set ran through 12 heading North.

 Jubilee class 45699 "Galatea" entered platform 12 with "The Salopian" running Dumfries-Shrewsbury.

 The Jubilee basked in the Autumn sunshine.

 A different view.

 Shrewsbury and 175110 waited to depart for Manchester.

 "Galatea" arrived.

 175008 laboured up the incline.

 47746 "Chris Fudge" removed the stock to Cotton Hill for servicing while the Jubilee headed off to turn on the triangle.

 One of Shrewsbury's signal boxes and what I assume to have been a bay platform in earlier years.

 66108 passed through with a mixed bag of empty stock en route
for Arpley Sidings while 153320 waited to depart for Swansea!

 45699 returned to travel down to Cotton Hill sidings.

 Cotton Hill with the diesel in the background and what I assume to be a water tanker just under the bridge.
Meanwhile, the Jubilee and its support coach waited.

 My transport back to Crewe. I have to say I do not like these things they are noisy and stuffy but the journey this time was enhanced by the friendly, and extremely helpful, guard.

 Entering Crewe means passing the DRS depot at Gresty Bridge which invariably produces some interesting residents. Unfortunately, any images have to be taken through the carriage window and hastily at that.

 It's not that long since I was last at Crewe so I was surprised to see this huge building had appeared.
It's encouraging to see the diesel depot being developed.

 My chariot home.