I had to call in at the LNWR Heritage workshops in Crewe to collect this item - not a UFO but see HERE for more of the story. 12/08/2008

While in Crewe I had a look round, this was 6201 "Princess Elizabeth". 12/08/2008

It's amazing just what is lying around - a Britannia windshield anyone? 12/08/2008

The chassis of 80136. 12/08/2008

Class B1, 61264 in similar condition. 12/08/2008

The casting was destined for The Llangollen Railway who are currently hosting 44422 and this was the scene from the station with the mighty River Dee in flood. 12/08/2008

The view from track level at the end of the station platforms with Thomas waiting to leave. No trespassing here, the barrow crossing was in use, presumably to save weary parents from having to cart their children over the bridge - a noble thought indeed. In any case a runround was not possible with Thomas using the "spare" platform. 12/08/2008

"Percy"(?) was taking a rest. 12/08/2008

 Thomas loaded up and just running the length of the platform. 12/08/2008

 Thomas has a chat with "Goliath". 12/08/2008

 GWR pannier tank No 8 was on the rear end of Goliath's train in order to bring it back from Carrog. 12/08/2008

"Goliath" waiting to leave.....

.....with No8 at the rear and pushing hard. 12/08/2008