North Wales Coast
October 2000-2

37426 reappeared on the 15.58 Holyhead-Crewe after its visit to South Wales. The photo makes the gloom look worse than it really is but it is gloomy at Crewe. 31/10/2000

A fitting scene for Halloween in the gloomy environs of Crewe's platform 11. 37426 waits for permission to leave for the carriage sidings with empty stock from the 15.58 from Holyhead. Included in the train was a GWR liveried 1st Class side corridor coach which meant that over 40% of the seats were designated 1st Class. 31/10/2000

Castle Class number 5029 "Nunney Castle" made an appearance on the Coast Line on Saturday when it ran from Crewe to Holyhead and back. More pictures and details on the Ynys Mon page. 28/10/2000

The "gaslight" glow of the aging rolling stock will not be seen for much longer on these trains as the brightly lit Class 175's take over. 24/10/2000

Many of the 37 operations have now become nocturnal and the coming clock change will not help. 37428 "The Royal Scotsman", having appeared at Crewe on the Holyhead train earlier in the day returned, as expected, on the 15.58 Holyhead-Crewe arriving in very poor weather. 24/10/2000

With the train emptied of passengers, 37428 took the stock to the carriage sidings for servicing. 24/10/2000

Having called at Crewe station to see one of the few remaining 37 hauled trains, I was surprised, to say the least, when 37428 "Great Scottish and Western Railway Co. The Royal Scotsman" arrived with the 12.07 Birmingham-Holyhead. This locomotive was specially liveried to haul charter trains in the Scottish Highlands but refused to behave itself and was transferred to other duties.24/10/2000

37428 leaving platform 12 and the cursed road bridge. 24/10/2000

37428 leaving for North Wales and Holyhead. 24/10/2000

Other Crewe happenings included the arrival in Platform 11 of Class 47 number 47854 "Womens Royal Voluntary Service" with a train of empty coaching stock. It later set off up the West Coast Main Line. 24/10/2000

"Royal" Class 47 number 47798 "Prince William" was in the Diesel Depot yard with two rough looking Class 86 AC electric locomotives. They were 86213 "Lancashire Witch" and 86228 "Vulcan Heritage". The 86's were left in the yard and the 47 disappeared South. 24/10/2000

1T50 again and the 15.30 (honest) Crewe-Holyhead, behind 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots", is just about to leave Crewe Station, Platform 12. 20/10/2000

Face on shot of 37401. 20/10/2000

"Driver John Elliott" again, this time arriving with empty stock for the 15.30 Crewe-Holyhead. This train was originally scheduled to depart from Crewe at 15.27 as the 14.23 from Birmingham but now starts from Crewe. 19/10/2000

An "in your face" shot of 37412 waiting to leave Crewe for Holyhead. There is a "Llandudno" badge stuck on the locomotive's nose, doubtless a memento of its runs along the Deganwy branch - happy days! 19/10/2000

The 15.58 Holyhead-Crewe arrived behind 37412 "Driver John Elliott" and soon discharged its passengers into the gloom of Platform 12 at Crewe. 18.00hrs and almost dark although this will seem a luxury in a couple of weeks time when the clocks move back 1 hour. 18/10/2000

37412 casts its beam along the wet rails at Crewe as it moves forward to run off to the carriage sidings. 18/10/2000

Gathering pace....

....and off like the proverbial bat!