A Churnet Valley Railway picture report from rail37.com

STEAM GALA - 4th April 2004

 8F, 48305 at Froghall

 41241 was at the front of the 10.45 for Leekbrook and Cheddleton.


 Back to froghall on the 11.30 behind O4 number 63601 where it detached to await its next turn.

 The local pub sign depicts the station quite well even though the train is on the wrong line!

 1450 and 68030 arriving from Cheddleton.

 Departing for Cheddleton.

 The Churnet River in flood.

 Rough water at Consall.

 The 14.00 from Cheddleton arriving behind 41241 and 48305.

 Syncopated Steam.

 Robinson O4 in steam.

 41241 passing through.