A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 19th February 2003

  All services to and from Froghall had been cancelled due to an incident on the line.

 A fork truck had tried to beat the train but unfortunately failed and was hit. The train had stopped and passengers were evacuated - nobody on the train, including staff, was injured.

 Froghall station under construction.

 Scene of the incident.

 The factory site.

 No idea what the chopper was about.

 Cheddleton where Thomas characters were in action.


 Rides for children.

 Thomas was providing brake van rides in the shed yard.

 8F chassis.

 44422 chassis.

 Diesel shunter awaiting a power unit.

 "Tamworth Castle".

 Last year I photographed the lines at Leekbrook Junction which were completely overgrown. The area has now been cleared again although not to operational condition,

 Looking North towards Leek and the Cauldon line veering off to the right in the distance. On the near right is the Churnet Valley Railway headshunt.

 The Cauldon branch runs off right where the warning boards are situated.

 A closer shot.

 In the top shot the Cauldon branch just can be seen in the undergrowth. Above is a shot of two Class 25 diesels approaching the spot from the opposite direction some years ago. Actually it was sometime in the 70's but I have no idea what the exact date was but I do remember that the charter had run up from the South of England and had W prefixed stock.

 The top shot is taken from between the diverging branch lines and the lower is taken from almost the same spot. Again it was the class 25's which ran down to the headshunt where they detached, ran round and reattached for the journey back to Stoke. You will see that the access restrictions to the working were fairly relaxed, some of the rail staff with the hi-vis jackets were in control and, honest, nobody got killed. What a difference today!!

 Looking North at the end of the headshunt with its buffer stop and past the Severn Trent entrance crossing . In the distance is Birchall tunnel.

 The southern end of the tunnel.

 It was somewhat cold in the tunnel.

 The North end of the tunnel.

 The empty track bed running North towards Leek.

 There are places on the embankment where the sun must never shine and this has produced a wonderful Winter display of icicles.

 Inside the tunnel and looking South.

This shot is taken looking South with the CVR line running to the left of the signal box and the Stoke lines veering off right.

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