A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 14th OCTOBER 2000

 Cheddleton, 11.15am on the 14th October 2000 and the first train to carry passengers down the valley to Froghall left the station in driving rain. The train was operating to publicise the launch of the latest share issue to raise funds for the restoration of passenger services to Froghall. Hauling the train was the recently restored Class 20 number D8154 (20154) looking resplendent in its green livery, with Class 25 number D7672 "Tamworth Castle" attached to the rear. Topping and tailing was necessary because there is no runround facility at Froghall and push-pull not a practical alternative. I decided to meet the train at Froghall, where the history was to be made and because I had waited 30 years for the event, never believing it could really happen. It did happen, and the following are some of the photographs I took in what could not have been worse weather.

 Class 20, D8154 appeared under the road bridge, the umbrella on the up platform tells it all.

 The Class 20 carried on up the track to allow "Tamworth Castle" to clear the bridge.

 D7672 "Tamworth Castle" appeared at the rear of the five coach, maroon liveried, train.

 The stark contrast of the Froghall station site compared to the present.

 "Tamworth Castle" ticked over while waiting for the return journey.

Note the headcode switching.

 Approaching 12.15 and staff reboard the train for the return trip to Cheddleton. Passengers could not leave the train because there is no platform at Froghall. The special train ran to market the launch of a share issue to finance the full restoration of passenger services to Froghall.

 "Tamworth Castle" leaving.

 The departure for Cheddleton.