A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

 14th JULY 2002

 Summer in the Churnet Valley.

 08 shunter D3991 on display.

 Cheddleton where the train had just arrived from Leek Brook.

 Froghall and official notification of a new station building is posted.

 Froghall station site.

 CVR telephone exchange.

 Oakamoor station looking North towards the tunnel, the buildings were situated just to the left of the camera. Through the trees in the centre was the point at which the siding for Bolton's copper mill veered off to the right.

 Still looking North and the bay is on the left of the platform.

Taken from almost the same spot, back in the 1950's, this view of Oakamoor Station reveals Bolton's sidings and the tunnel in the distance. Just visible are the road crossing gates and the signal box now all long gone.

This was taken at almost the same spot in the early 1970's and features a sponsored walk to raise funds for the railway.

 Looking South.

 The start of the walkway towards Alton.

 Site of Oakamoor signal box.

 Remains of the bridge across the Churnet river that carried the road leading to the station

 Access to the station site is now along the paved track bed.

 At the North end of the track bed can be seen the southern entrance to Oakamoor Tunnel.

 Alton station.