A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

14th August 2013

 The entrance to what was the interchange station for the Leek and Manifold Light Railway. The bridge is where the standard gauge line entered the site.

 The former goods shed.

 Bicycles can be bought and hired here.

 Looking down the L&M track bed towards the Leek-Ashbourne road crossing.

 The cairn has nothing to do with the railway.

 Again looking down the track bed and, around this point on the left hand side, is what appears to be the remains of a bridge parapet......

 .....but the undergrowth made photographing very difficult.

 Looking back towards what I think was the station site?

 The Leek-Ashbourne road and somewhere around here was the level crossing....

 .....and somewhere over there is the entrance to what is now The Manifold Trail.

 Looking back towards the station along what must have been a very steep incline for a steam engine.

 This is the standard gauge bridge viewed from the Waterhouses side, I assume it's bridge 43! BRB? British Rail(ways) Board?

 The brickwork is most interesting, shaped this way I assume because the bridge crosses the road at an angle.

 It's a positive work of art.

 I was advised that I could access the bridge by walking up a track at the side.
Having done so this view located Cauldon Quarry by the tower in the distance.

 There was no way the bridge could be reached without some jungle equipment so it was me and the sheep. In the distance was a bridge which I assume is where the track bed led to.

 The bridge.

 There was another bridge which was possibly part of the quarry operation, an orange road vehicle can be seen to the left.

 Having failed to reach the bridge from the West side I decide to try from the East - via the gap between those two trees!

 It was quite a climb and through quite heavy undergrowth but this was at the top.

 The bridge was fenced off and there was actually a tree growing out of the top.

 Looking away from Waterhouses and towards the quarry.

 The view from the bridge looking down towards the car park. The track bed must have been removed from this point on otherwise the bridge leads nowhere.

 The car park can be seen through the trees from half way down.

 Behind the trees is a long ridge running parallel with the L&M track bed, so was the gap bridged here?

 The ridge from further down the L&M track bed.