A RAIL37 Churnet Valley Railway picture report

29th August 2001
(updated 15.03.2014)

 The last scheduled Wednesday run of the Summer season.

 Froghall station.

 80136 approaching Froghall from Consall.

 Froghall with the temporary accommodation in the form of a marquee.

 80136 running round.

 33102 on display.

 Preparing to leave Cheddleton with the 12.20 for Froghall.

 The journey North was pleasant and uneventful until I looked up to see a runaway horse hit the back of a people carrier and lift it off the ground into the fence. The horse, in mad panic, then ran back up the hill with hooves skidding and legs everywhere, to just miss another car and divert into the car park field. Onlookers quickly shut the gate where the badly bleeding animal was contained. Terry Essery was a hero in talking to the mare and calming her down while a vet was summoned. We were advised later that the horse was stitched up and left to recover in its stable.

 The loco shed/museum was opened up for viewing.

 In the shed yard were 4F, 44422, the S160 and the Class 20.

 80136 returns to pass through Cheddleton on its way to Leekbrook.

 The waiting shelter under restoration on what was the up platform at Consall.

 A view from the Froghall car park.

 Leaving Froghall.